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Thanksgiving Chefs


Try this:

5 pound bag of russets
Stick of butter
2/3 brick of cream cheese (6 ounces)
Half and half or milk, maybe a cup
Salt and pepper.

Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil. Add peeled and quartered potatoes…..when the water comes back to a boil (about 6 minutes), reduce heat to a gentle boil and cook till fork tender (about 22 minutes). Drain thoroughly and return to pot. Hit it with your electric beater, dump in cubed butter and cream cheese and allow a few minutes for everything to melt together. Whip again, this time adding half and half or milk until smooth and creamy. Pile into a buttered casserole and here’s the best part— when cool, cover and refrigerate. Yes, do ahead of time…..I made mine yesterday.

On Thursday take out of the fridge and allow to come to room temp. You can heat this in the microwave ( I cover it with a paper plate) for about 12 minutes. Or in the oven for about an hour, loosely covered with tin foil. Either way, stir at least three times while heating. You can add a little more milk if they seem too stiff. Almost fail proof and delicious.

If not this year, try them next Thanksgiving. Wishing everyone a lovely holiday.

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