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Which Jeans Are Cool Now?


Go to a store you love (for example, I love Madewell and recommend them because they’re very good quality, plus they have a great sale right now) and try on every style. Have an associate or friend take a look at all angles so they can help you find the correct size for your body + how they’ll stretch. Then, make a note of your size. If they’re on the trendy side and you’re uncertain, look on poshmark or another resale platform for a similar pair in the size you selected, and buy them there! OR, if you love them, just buy what you love and there you go, new jeans. The try on all of the styles strategy works at every store – Old Navy, Gap, H&M, Target… everywhere… has all of the on trend styles. Right now, wide leg is very in style – and I will go to my grave in high waisted pants. I love them! I also love barrel leg (everlane has good ones). I’m not a great fan of crazy flairs, but I have a flattering pair of what are referred to as kick flairs that I love when I want a tighter fit in the thigh. I wear all kinds of tops with my wide legged jeans. If it is a boxy top, I’ll either do a crop or tuck it in. Body suits are fun, especially when you put on an oversized sweater or open button up on top of it. I’ll be 41 next week and I don’t care for skinny jeans any more. I feel like a sausage. Good luck!

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