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Nomad could not resist draping the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack in leather


Frankly, now that we’ve seen a leather case for your MagSafe charging puck, it’s all uphill from here. At least Apple’s new $99 MagSafe Battery Pack is something you’ll actually be carrying around and touching on a regular basis, where leather might make it nicer to hold. Perhaps you already have a matching leather case for your iPhone, too? It looks like a nice combo in photos. If you agree, Nomad is currently taking preorders for $30 each, shipping this November.

(I blame Apple for only releasing the battery in white.)

While you can’t see it in pictures or the description, Nomad tells us it will actually have a hole for the battery’s charging port. One more note: while microsuction tape is much better (reusable, no sticky residue) compared to your traditional Scotch, you should probably know tape is what’s keeping this piece of leather on.

I think I’ll wait and see how strong the MagSafe Battery Pack’s magnets are, period, before I put any more leather on a phone. Stay tuned: Dieter’s currently working on that review.

Update, 8:15PM ET: Added Nomad’s confirmation that it will have a cut-out for the MagSafe Battery Pack’s charging port.

Link to original article on https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/22/22589472/nomad-apple-magsafe-battery-pack-in-leather


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