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It’s been a while since I posted an update with news specifically about the blog, so I thought I’d take a quick hour out of my day to share a few new developments, firstly by mentioning one or two nice pieces of recognition that I’ve been receiving.

In the last couple of months, I’ve been shortlisted for two different awards. One was for ‘Blog of the Year’ in the inaugual sit-UP Awards from Travmedia (the ‘sit’ in sit-UP stands for Social / Influencer Travel) and another, more recent one is for Best Luxury Travel Travel Blog in the Teletext Holidays Blog Awards. The winner of this latter award will be nominated for the British Travel Awards’ brand-new Blogger Award, sponsored by Teletext Holidays.

To add to this, Vuelio – a leading provider of software for the PR and communications industry – today updated their top 10 UK luxury travel blogs round-up, and I am pleased to see we are still sitting in position #1 on there. Vuelio’s blog ranking methodology takes into consideration social sharing, topic-related content and post frequency.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. A Luxury Travel Blog

Settled in first class, it’s A Luxury Travel Blog. The blog was originally created by Dr Paul Johnson and he is now joined by a team of 600 writers and guest bloggers who provide information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts around the world. A Luxury Travel Blog is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their travels, from the best destinations to visit on a private yacht to the perfect honeymoon destinations for any couple. With 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, Paul is an expert when it comes to discovering unspoilt gems across the globe, the finest restaurants and the most glamorous hotels.

Public speaking has never really been ‘my bag’ and, having avoided it wherever possible in the past, I’ve been finding that I’m being asked to do it more and more. I broke my silence with an event for the Tokyo stand at World Travel Market last November, where I was asked to talk about ‘The hidden Tokyo‘, and have since spoken at Travmedia’s sit-UP conference in London as well as at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

At sit-UP, I was part of a panel discussion talking about the merits of the different key social networks out there, and was tasked with making a case for Twitter. At the Arabian Travel Market, I was involved in two panel discussions – one with Shane Dallas from The Travel Camel titled ‘How to positively change the perception of destinations using the power of social media’ and another with Matt Gibson from UpThink (pictured above doing a Facebook Live interview with me after the session) titled ‘How to gain a career in digital marketing: tips & recommendations from the pros’.

I still wouldn’t say it’s part of my normal comfort zone, but it does seem to get a little easier the more you do it!

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